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Elaine's Eyebrows & Lashes Inc.

The Art of Eyebrow Shaping/Eyebrow Microblading/Lash Lift/Lash Extensions in Walnut Creek
In the cosmetics world, eyebrows are your most important feature. They provide a frame for your face. Enhance your eyebrows and lashes with a natural look and customized design that brings symmetry and balance to your face through careful trimming, texturizing, lash extensions and/or microblading from Elaine's Eyebrows in Walnut Creek.

With Elaine's Eyebrows in Walnut Creek, you get to experience having the best eyebrows for your face with a perfected unique shaping technique that is customized for each client at our Walnut Creek Studio. No face is the same, therefore no set of eyebrows should be either. Put your best face forward with a member of San Francisco Magazine’s award winning Best Eyebrow Design Team in San Francisco 2016 at Blink Makeup Studio.

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Contact: Elaine's Eyebrows Lashes Inc.

Address: 990 N. California Blvd , 8th Floor 990 N. California Blvd , 8th Floor Walnut Creek CA
Walnut Creek -94596, CA, United States

Phone: 925-294-0619


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